USB back-up

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An often overlooked prep is a USB back-up or Memory Stick. A simple USB memory stick can store a lot of data and really help you out in a disaster in a number of ways; from dealing with insurance to bugging out… forever. Below is a list of items that I think one should have […]

Remember me?

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Send me a quick email or comment here and tell me something that you would like to hear about or know more about. My email address is below. I look forward to reading your emails!


Halloween and Fall Recipes

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                            I just wanted to send out a quick email to remind you that (A) We are still around, and (2) We have a lot of great recipes. I thought the recipes below were particularly timely given Halloween is tomorrow and Fall […]

Guest Post: Fire Safety Rules

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Today, we are lucky enough to have a guest post by Neil Gensing, entitled, “Fire Safety Rules”.  Please remember that all thoughts and links by guest posters  are theirs and not necessarily endorsed by Everything however has been screened to ensure the discussion is at least relevant to the site. Please don’t think I […]

Homestead Update

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Well, the Fall is beginning and things are starting to slow down some and I am finally getting more chances to write. Don’t forget, even if I am not posting on the website, there is usually a lot going at our Facebook (MakingAHomestead) and  Twitter (@Makeahomestead) Pages. Their format just lends itself to quick photo […]