Easy Bacon Wrapped Quail Recipe

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The other day I made bacon wrapped quail and it was so tasty and easy I figured I would share the recipe.


Easy Bacon Wrapped Quail*





Sea Salt

Fresh Pepper

1 Stick of Butter

Large Pan For Baking

Cooking Spray

Toothpicks (optional)



The Process

1) Preheat oven to 400°

2) Spray pan with oil

3) Wrap quail in bacon and place in pan (you may want to use toothpicks to hold the bacon, but make sure to remember how many you put in each)

4) Melt 1 stick of butter in a pan (per half dozen quail)

5) Pour melted butter over the top of the quail

6) Grind fresh pepper and sea salt over top of the meat

7) Cook for 45 minutes or until bacon fully cooked


* This recipe could easily be used with cornish game hens, doves, pheasant or other small birds.


Bacon Wrapped Quail
Bacon Wrapped Quail



















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3 thoughts on “Easy Bacon Wrapped Quail Recipe

    1. Quail are some of the easiest birds to prepare actually. First use a cleaver or meat scissors to remove the head, feet and wings. Use the scissor to carefully cut the skin. Then use your fingers to remove the skin, taking the feathers with it. Next use the scissors to cut the sternum of the bird. Then take your fingers and scoop the organs out. Lastly, put it under some cool running water to make sure it is properly clean. And that’s it!

      Doves are the same thing, but take a lot longer because you have to actually defeather them vs. skinning them. Not sure about cornish game hens or pheasants as I haven’t had the opportunity to try them.

      However, if you are buying these from a commercial source, they will most likely already be cleaned and ready to cook.

    2. yup yup– there’s a place in Texas where they’ve been serving up Chicken Fried bacon for years–with a side of thick cream gravy for dnipipg. They call it a heart attack on a plate. I think they are right:-) Check my blog for a video of people eating this stuff. I dunno– I love bacon but deep fried bacon is a little over the top for me:-)

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