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Greetings everyone,

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about homemade gifts. I thought it would be a great topic for the holiday season.   Originally, I was resistant to the idea. I think years of watching movies and television had made me value the wrong things. It wasn’t until I actually grew mint,made jelly and canned it until I understood how hard it actually was. Homemade gifts matter, they come from the heart. Someone actually took the time and effort to craft something personally, rather than buy a random do-dad.  Am I saying, I am anti-technology? NO! Far from it. I wouldn’t be able to have this conversation with you people if I didn’t have my laptop or my WI-Fi. And Yes, I have in iPhone too.  My point is just this, don’t discount homemade gifts.  If you get one, it means something.

If you would like to give a homemade gift, the possibilities are practically endless. But, some etiquette rules doth apply.  Mainly, it should look nice and it finished. This is a concept guys sometimes have trouble with, but nobody likes an ugly or unfinished gift. For example, if you carve a car out of wood for a young child (which is a great idea, BTW), what looks better? a rough wooden car or one that has been sanded and painted by hand? The answer of course is easy the painted car will be much more attractive to the kid. If you are a homesteader, homemade gifts are also great last minute gifts. In other words, shop in your pantry. Remember all those jars of food you put up this past season? Take a couple down, wrap some ribbons around it and Bam! You look extremely thoughtful instead of being the person that forgot. One year my wife went and got a bunch of cheap baskets from a discount store, fake moss from the hobby store and a couple jars of jelly from the pantry and we had our own beautiful gift baskets. (If you do this, do not use real Spanish moss, it often has chiggers in it)


Here are some ideas I have run across recently,

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