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Website of the Week: Average Guy Reviews

The website of the week, this week, is a fairly new site called, “Average Guy Reviews.”  And it is just as the title implies, gear and tool reviews from an average guy, for the average guy. I’ve been really impressed with how in depth the author goes in order to properly review the products.  I will be honest about my connection and say that the author, Docwatmo, is a friend of mine and fellow moderator from The Survival Podcast Forum. So, I am probably a bit biased, but that doesn’t distract from his bad-assery. 😉

In case you are wondering what gives Docwatmo the expertise to do what he does, the short answer is he doesn’t need any, this is for the average guy (and/or girl).  However, he does actually have a background in the Army and the National Guard.  So, he knows how to test for durability.  Currently, he is an IT manager and thus is very proficient with technical specifications and has a knack for paying attention to small details.

Another thing I really like about the website is that despite the title, Docwatmo often takes things  a step forward.  He doesn’t just review a product. Often he will compare several similar products offering the reader a contrast and comparison.  He has even reviewed a product before, seen a flaw or two and made mods himself. Then he’ll do another review showing the mods so the reader can duplicate his efforts.  (Check out the mods he did for his Bear Grylls Survival Knife). Or read his postulations on the nature of tools and knowledge as a tool, HERE.

So, please stop by Average Guy Reviews and give them a shout. His reviews may just keep you from buying a lemon next time you shop for gear. Until next time, keep Making a Homestead, one day at a time.


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