More Winter Homestead Projects

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I thought I’d continue along the same line as last week’s list of Winter Homestead Projects and share some more ideas I had to keep busy. Some of these are for bettering the homestead and some are for bettering oneself. So, again in no particular order…


  1. Learn to Quilt or Crochet
  2. Build a Smoker
  3. Go hunting (Check your states Department of Natural ResourcesĀ and/or Fish and Game to make sure you are in compliance with their rules and regulations)
  4. Go the range and/or skeet shooting
  5. Take a class on firearms and their use
  6. Go through your garage and/or closet for things to sell (Amazon, Craigslist or Ebay) or give away (charity and Freecycle)
  7. Check the batteries in your smoke and CO2 detectors (you should try to do this every 6 months)
  8. Make a scarecrow for the coming season
  9. Learn to whittle/carving/woodworking
  10. Learn to type
  11. Learn a new language
  12. Practice building and using animal traps (Again, check with your state’s Department of Natural Resources and/or Fish and Game to make sure you are in compliance with their rules and regulations)
  13. Practice different ways to start a fire
  14. Practice building shelters from natural materials like limbs, leaves and other outdoor debris
  15. Put together a documentation packet for emergencies
  16. Build a Bug-Out-Bag
  17. Build mason bee homes and/or a top bar beehive
  18. Build raised beds
  19. Build a trellis
  20. Exercise/Get in shape
  21. Build a rabbit hutch
  22. Start your seeds for Spring indoors
  23. Build a greenhouse
  24. Practice tracking (If you live near snow, this is a great time to spot and identify tracks)
  25. Practice building and using primitive tools and weapons (stone axe, slings, spears, atlatl, boomerang, etc.)


Until next time, keep Making a Homestead, one day at a time.


3 thoughts on “More Winter Homestead Projects

    1. LOL. You may be right buddy. I figured there is something for everyone though even if everyone can’t do them all. Anything to keep from climbing the walls, eh?

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