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Recently, I have been absent a lot from the website, for which I apologize. However, that does not mean I haven’t been busy. In fact, quite the contrary, I have been extremely busy!  Those that follow me on Facebook are aware of most of my reasons for being absent.

The weekend before last I was fortunate enough to attend my second Appleseed event. Project Appleseed is an idea that was developed by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA). As the name suggests, it is based on the method utilized by Johnny Appleseed. Only instead of planting apple trees, the RWVA is seeking to plant the seeds of liberty and marksmanship.  It is definitely something I believe in and stand behind.  I am glad to say that I scored Rifleman there, meaning I shot a score of at least 210 out of a possible 250 from sitting, standing, prone and transitional positions under timed conditions on the Army Qualifying Target (AQT). I also got to hear some great stories about patriots from the Revolutionary War that fought hard to win us our liberties. I was also honored at the end to be asked to step up and become an instructor with the RWVA and readily accepted.

This past few days I was out of town again and was fortunate enough to meet up with a subscriber to my site and help her start her own Square Foot Garden. The Square Foot Gardening method was created by Mel Bartholomew and is my main method of gardening. In fact, I am currently working to become a certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor and will soon be able to give lectures, spread the ideas of Mel and get others gardening.

So, on to the pictures!!!


First off, here is a picture of the two 4 foot x 4 foot gardens I set up for a subscriber complete with removable fencing to keep her dogs and other critters out.  I filled it up with Mel’s mix (1/3 Peat Moss, 1/3 Vermiculite, 1/3 Mixed Compost) after building the boxes but neglected to get a picture.

































Now, for a peek in my garage to see what is under the lights…

My tomato plants are getting huge! I'll be transplanting them outside in the next few days.























My jalapeno plants are about 3 inches tall. I'll probably leave them under the lights for another week or so before moving them outdoors too.



























Now the permaculture

There is some nice growth on my dwarf columnar apple trees.























My dwarf blueberry bushes are already starting to bloom.


































Now for the garden…

The catnip I am growing for my kitties is going nuts.























The Oregano is doing awesome and do for a haircut.























My mint is also due for a haircut. I love mint jelly and lamb. Mmmmm...






























Pleased to see my Stevia is coming back.



















Elephant Garlic certainly earns the name.






























Garlic bed about ready to be picked.






























Bok Choi (Chinese Cabbage) doing good. Ready to be thinned out and separated into more containers.






























Collard Greens going to seed.






























Green Towers Head Lettuce going to seed.






























My leaf lettuce bed is still doing great and producing delicious salads.












































Until next time, keep Making a Homestead, one day at a time.


4 thoughts on “Homestead Picture Update 3-28

  1. Looks great. I forget how big of a difference there is between your area and mine. I won’t plant my tomatoes outside for almost another week.

    1. Yeah, I’m in 7B according to the new USDA chart. I was hoping to put my jalapenos out this week too, but they aren’t quite as big as I’d like yet.

      1. I rread Mel’s blog about his books with great interest. I have the 1981 issue with the front cover photo of a much yoegnur Mel standing and leaning on a shovel in his garden while looking up into the camera, but the selling price on the back cover was $11.95, not $9.95. There is no indication that this is a second, or later, printing. The ISBN number on the book is, 0-87857-341-0. Because I was a trucker for 40 years, it sat on my book shelf and except for a little yellowing from age, it is in perfect condition. Now that I am retired and trying to get my own SFG started it has become my companion. Thanks Mel.

        1. Yeah, the new one is called “The All New Square Foot Gardening” but I haven’t looked at the old one to see what all the differences are. Mel is awesome and has done a lot of good work getting people gardening all over the world. I was very happy when reading his book I saw how easy it really was. I definitely swear by his methods and will always incorporate them into my garden.

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