Mean Green Juice Recipe 2

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I got into Juicing after seeing the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” with Joe Cross and seeing him and others lose hundreds of pounds combined.  It was amazing to see all of these people go through major transformations in their lives, including getting rid of various illnesses,  all just by juicing raw foods. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. If you have a Netflix account it is listed there in the documentary section.

One of the best parts about juicing is that it couldn’t be easier, as you can tell from the following recipe. The following is one of the recipes Joe Cross used in the film and in his Reboot diet program, Reboot Your Life. Even if you don’t need to lose weight it is a great way to maintain your weight as well as your health.


  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Lemon
  • 3 Stalks of Kale
  • 1 Small Handful of Parsley
  • 1 Handful of Spinach
  • 2 Golden Delicious Apples

(sorry I had to use 2 pictures since my cutting board was so small)
















































  1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor/juicer
  2. Enjoy!


I also did a post previously on another Mean Green Juice Recipe that you may want to check out. Cheers to your health! Until next time, keep Making a Homestead, one day at a time.


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