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I noticed that some of my plants in my dedicated lettuce bed were starting to go to seed and wanted to see if I could prevent the others from doing so and prolong my harvest. So, decided to take some window screen I got off Freecycle and turn it into a makeshift shade-cloth.  I just used some zip-ties to attach it to my metal fencing. The whole thing only took a few minutes, but should prolong my lettuce for weeks, if not months. It also helps that the bed itself is already in a shady spot. I have 3 types of lettuce planted in there (Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch & Green Towers), but only one (Black Seeded Simpson) has started to go to seed. I re-seeded the entire bed about a month ago by hand so, hopefully I can’t keep the existing plants going while the little ones catch up.

The lettuce bed
Here is the lettuce bed before I attached the screen. If you look closely, you can see the Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce that is starting to go to seed.























Shaded Lettuce Bed
Here you can see the lettuce bed after I attached the window screen to shade it.























Alt View of shaded lettuce bed
This alternate view of the shaded lettuce bed shows the screen a little better and you can see where I used the zip-ties. I tried to use as few as possible to avoid making unnecessary holes and overlapped the different screen panels to prevent gaps.




























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