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To keep with the theme I have been using lately, the website of the week for this week is Incorporated.  Like the other coupon websites I listed previously (all of which can be found by using the blog search feature, keyword “coupon”) this site is also 100% FREE. It is free because they are actually paid by major companies to promote their products, with what else? Coupons! They have a massive listing of printable  manufacturer coupons, local coupons as well as online coupon codes. And, just like most other coupon sites, they also offer a free newsletter with the latest coupons. They do do a couple things differently though.  One thing they do differently is that they have their own coupon printer which allows you to pick a large number of coupons and print them all at once. Another thing they do differently is that they offer a Savings Card which allows you to load multiple coupons on it and take them with you. They can do all this because as I said they are paid to by manufacturers and because they are the 39th largest website in the US. So, companies know that if they use their site, the word will get out to a very large group of people. And companies are happy to do it, tens of thousands of companies. This is an excellent tool for those budgeting or trying to live the frugal lifestyle.


In Their Own Words:


“ Incorporated is the leader in digital coupons, including online printable, social, mobile and loyalty card promotions. The company is the driving force in transforming the multi-billion dollar coupon industry and ushering it into the digital world. For decades, the Sunday newspaper has been the dominant distribution method for coupons, but as the reach of the newspaper declines and a growing number of consumers are online, more and more consumers and brands alike are looking to digital. Today, and its digital coupons network is far and away the largest provider of digital coupons.

The company’s goal is to provide coupons everywhere a brand has the opportunity to interact with a consumer across the digital domain. is not only shifting the multi-billion dollar Sunday coupon insert market online, it is also expanding both the supply of coupons, by using the power of the Internet to lower the cost of entry for coupon issuers, as well as increasing the demand for coupons, by introducing a whole new consumer demographic to coupons via the Internet, social media, and mobile phones. already enables client’s coupon promotions in web pages, email campaigns, social media initiatives, mobile devices, store kiosks, shopping carts, consumer electronics, and more. The company intends to expand that reach further across the digital landscape—anywhere there is a digital connection to consumers creating a digital marketplace where brands, retailers and consumers can connect at every step along the consumer’s path to purchase. The possibilities are endless…

Company Fast Facts:

• is the 39th largest website in the U.S. (Nielsen, July 2011).
• Affiliate network reach: Tens of thousands of sites across the web including retailer sites (grocery, drug and mass) that span 46,000 store locations as well as lifestyle and recipe sites to coupons/savings blogs.
• The company enables digital marketing initiatives, including social and mobile programs, for thousands of the world’s top brands.
• More than 350 employees with headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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