Money Saving Tips

Here are some tips for saving money. After all we are seeking to live a better life. And that means we want the best bang for our buck. I mean who doesn’t?

  • Use rain water to water your lawn and/or garden.
  • Make your own compost instead of buying it.
  • Buy in bulk and/or when stuff is on sale whenever possible.
  • Go to the library for your books and movies.
  • Instead of spending money going “out” think of other ways to save money. For instance go on a hike instead of joining a gym, cook instead of going out to eat, read a book or watch a movie from the library. If you have to buy it then why not get it used- check out Ebay and Amazon for pretty much anything.
  • Visit; there you can find all sorts of stuff that people are giving away
  • Craigslist is another website that has great deals and often free stuff. It is basically a free online classified section.
  • Clip coupons from the paper, save them from the grocery store line and scour the Internet. One site I use before ever making an Internet purchase is You can also use a search engine and look up “(name of company) and coupon”  and you will usually get hits on any current coupons or deals going on at that store. Some are codes for on-line and others to be printed and used in the store.
  • Save on energy (there are SO many ways to do this): when you leave a room cut the lights off! use energy saving appliances, CFL bulbs in your lights, cut the ac/heating off when away for long periods of time, use a power strip or a timer  to cut off those vampires (you know all those little lights that are still blinking after you “cut off the lights”), when done charging things like cell phones and laptops – unplug them, use cold water detergent and even air dry your clothes on a clothesline (assuming you don’t have a HOA that frowns on that like we do).
  • Use alternative energy; such as, solar panels, geo-thermal, a gas-ifier or wind turbines to save on your energy bill and in some cases even sell energy back to the power company (initially this can be quite expensive, but you can probably find grants or tax credits, both federal and state in some areas).

Also, Jack Spirko, from The Survival Podcast, recently did a 3 part series where he got suggestions from the listeners on how to save money. I’d highly recommend finding the time to listen to all three.  He was even kind enough to mention this page in the third part of the series.

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