Website of the Week:

To keep with the theme I have been using lately, the website of the week for this week is Incorporated. Like the other coupon websites I listed previously (all of which can be found by using the blog search feature, keyword “coupon”) this site is also 100% FREE. It is free because they are […]

Website of the week: Totally Free Crap

The website of the week this week is Totally Free Crap. This website is along the same lines as the website of the week last week, Shop4Freebies. Basically, it is a site set up to list exactly what the name suggests, you get free stuff with no strings attached. Most of the things one can […]

Website of the week: Shop4freebies

The website of the week this week is Shop4freebies. This is a great website that does just what the name suggests, it gives you FREE stuff. It doesn’t get much better than that. Basically, it links to lots of other company’s websites and pulls promotional coupons, samples and other ways to get other free items […]

Website of the Week: RetailMeNot

Website of the Week: RetailMeNot


Who doesn’t like saving money? Nobody. Coupons used to have a stigma attached to them where sometimes people felt that just by using them, they were considered poor or that it made them feel they were bad providers. However, in recent years with the economy being so unstable and […]