Guest Post: Fire Safety Rules

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Today, we are lucky enough to have a guest post by Neil Gensing, entitled, “Fire Safety Rules”.  Please remember that all thoughts and links by guest posters  are theirs and not necessarily endorsed by Everything however has been screened to ensure the discussion is at least relevant to the site. Please don’t think I […]

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event

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There have been a horrible rash recently of what the disaster preparedness community terms an Active Shooter Event as well as recent Terrorist events in Boston. These tragic events are troubling to think about, much less talk about. To think that such horrible things can really happen in America can be understandably frightening.  And there […]


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Recently, I was able to score a whole box of CB radio equipment off Freecycle and it got me thinking about communications. I decided to make a copy of both the NATO alphabet and Morse code so that it s all on one sheet to add to my Emergency Packs. You never know when this […]