Homestead Update

Well, the Fall is beginning and things are starting to slow down some and I am finally getting more chances to write. Don’t forget, even if I am not posting on the website, there is usually a lot going at our Facebook (MakingAHomestead) and Twitter (@Makeahomestead) Pages. Their format just lends itself to quick photo […]

We're Back!!!

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. I hope everyone has been busy. I know I have!

Most recently, I began my plants for this year. You can see them in the photo below, (from left to right – Georgia Green Collards, Bunching Onions, Early Dividend […]

Winter Homestead Projects

If you are like me, you find yourself climbing the walls in the winter for lack of things to do. It can be frustrating. The ground is too cold to dig, but you want to do something constructive on the homestead. So, I decided to just sit down real quick and make a list of […]

Website Changes

I have been doing a lot of recent changes to the website and I appreciate everyone being patient through the process. I promise the end result will be for the better. One of the things I was glad to take care of was getting rid of ‘blog’ in my URLs. I think it will lend […]

Easy Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

My wife got me some apples from the local orchard so, I decided to make apple sauce in the crockpot. It was really easy and I though I would share the recipe. I actually have a really big crockpot and did double the ingredients below, but I figured not everyone would have that. I was […]

Earth Alerts

I think it is very important to stay up to date on disasters, both near you and around the globe. During the harsh winter months, this could not be more imperative. That’s why I thought I should make people aware of a neat little desktop application I used, called Earth Alerts. I have no affiliations […]

Making a Coldframe

For most of my beds I just mulched them with leaves, but I decided to turn one of my 2 x 8 foot beds into a coldframe. I tried to keep things as cheap, semi-permanent as possible and of course it was all DIY work.Next year, I’ll try for something more permanent, but this year […]

Recipe for Berry Beer Bread

There are many ways to make beer bread, but my favorite way is to do a fruity tasting berry bread. This of course means you will have to buy a fruity beer. The fruitier the better. Remember you aren’t drinking it, you’re eating it. So, if you are a guy, don’t be scared. Trust me, […]

Making Apple Butter


8-12 apples 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 cup of honey 1/2 cup of water


Apple Butter cooking in the crockpot




















Begin by rinsing apples Then core and slice the apples, but do not […]

Pizza Mummies

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d publish my recipe for Pizza Mummies. A scary and delightful treat for this season. You can try them with pepperoni or just cheese for the vegetarians out there.


English Muffins Pizza/Marinara Sauce Pepperoni (Optional) Sliced Black Olives Mozzarella String Cheese Diced Scallions or Peppers (Optional)