Homestead Picture Update: 3-7-12

Time for a homestead photo update. I hope you enjoy!

First, lets check in on how some of my most recent plantings are doing…

The extra Shallots I planted a couple weeks up are popping up. I planted 16 pots and all but one have come up so far. I can taste the scapes […]

DIY: How to Make a Bug Trap

This is a great little project that you can do in about a minute and is great at removing wasps and annoying flies. Basically, you just cut the top off a bottle and invert it. Then put a sugary liquid at the bottom. Bugs will fly in, attracted by the sweet smelling liquid. However, they […]

DIY Square Foot Garden Modifications

I wrote a couple weeks ago about how you can make your own Square Foot Garden based on the designs by Mel Bartholomew. The following post is to serve as a companion piece and showcase some of the modifications I have done to improve my beds. You can see the original post by clicking HERE.