Guest Post:

Today, we are lucky enough to have a guest post by writer and nature lover Mackenzie Kupfer. Mackenzie has been a lover of all things green since the age of six when she began gardening with her Nana. She is currently an online publisher for the provider of flower gardening supplies, Avant […]

Homestead Photo Update 5-24

Well, it is that time again. I’m long overdue for a photo update of the homestead. Things are looking good, the weather has been perfect for gardening this year.


The catnip I am growing has proved successful as evidenced by my roommate’s cat Vader feeding on it below.







Website of the Week: USDA Plant Hardiness Map

USDA Plant Hardiness Map


I already linked to this site on my Facebook page one day last week, but I think it deserves its own place here as website of the week. This map is an invaluable tool to every gardener as it helps one determine which plants will survive within a certain area. […]

Homestead Update: Seeds Germinated!

About a week ago I made my soil cubes to start the first seeds of the season. Below you can see my “soil cube building station”. By the way, I use the Soil Cube by Clayton Jacobs and if you haven’t heard of them they are awesome! It is a little machine that uses hand […]

DIY Square Foot Garden Modifications

I wrote a couple weeks ago about how you can make your own Square Foot Garden based on the designs by Mel Bartholomew. The following post is to serve as a companion piece and showcase some of the modifications I have done to improve my beds. You can see the original post by clicking HERE.


Aqua Cone Review

I have talked about Aqua Cones before and I’m a big fan. Basically, it is a simple drip irrigation system that works on a single plant. I find it to be particularly helpful with watering the big garden waterhogs like tomatoes as well as in helping out first year fruit trees and bushes.

The design […]

“All New Square Foot Gardening” By: Mel Bartholomew – Review

Winter is the time to spend planning your next year’s garden. It is tempting to rest on one’s laurel at this time of year, but to do so would be a grave mistake. I like to use this time to plunge into gardening books and seed catalogs. I started this tradition 3 years ago when […]

Reinforcing the Cold Frame

There is a reason we test things. LOL. I was fortunate to get my cold frame/mini greenhouse up before it got too cold. However, about a week ago it rained for about 3 days straight. Curious, how my cold frame would hold up, I went outside as soon as it was dry. Luckily, it had […]

Making a Coldframe

For most of my beds I just mulched them with leaves, but I decided to turn one of my 2 x 8 foot beds into a coldframe. I tried to keep things as cheap, semi-permanent as possible and of course it was all DIY work.Next year, I’ll try for something more permanent, but this year […]

My garden tub

In an effort to use as much of my available space as possible I decided to turn a couple plastic tubs into planters. All I did was remove the tops, make holes for drainage across the bottom from 1/2 – 1 inch apart and another row all around the sides about 1/2 inch high and […]