Product Review: SE BT20 9-Volt Battery Tester

SE BT20 9-Volt Battery Tester

I wanted to do a quick product review of something that has saved me money and could help you do so too, a battery tester. I use the SE BT20 9-Volt Battery Tester and has helped me ave a lot of batteries that might otherwise have gone in the […]

Website of the Week: Freecycle.Org

Website of the Week: Freecycle.Org

The website of the week for this week is Freecycle.Org. Freecycle.Org is an online community that gathers people together with the goal of reusing and recycling. One thing I like about Freecycle.Org is that there are so many participants and sub-communities that there is one just about everywhere. It is […]

Aqua Cone Review

I have talked about Aqua Cones before and I’m a big fan. Basically, it is a simple drip irrigation system that works on a single plant. I find it to be particularly helpful with watering the big garden waterhogs like tomatoes as well as in helping out first year fruit trees and bushes.

The design […]

Cardboard Can Organizer

My buddy Spartan over at TSP led me to this website awesome website Food Storage Made Easy and their plans for a cardboard can rotating rack. I love projects that involve recycling cardboard so I had to give it a shot. I had a left over box from a pressure canner and it was easily enough to make two can organizers, each of which should hold at least ten cans. […]