Guest Post – “Making Your Stand in the Home”

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“Making Your Stand in the Home” Part of being a “prepper” or a survivalist means being prepared to weather the turbulent and often unpredictable storm of life and, at its very core, it’s about being self-sufficient. This principal extends to the concept of home safety as well – how safe do you feel in your […]

DIY Square Foot Garden Modifications

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I wrote a couple weeks ago about how you can make your own Square Foot Garden based on the designs by Mel Bartholomew.  The following post is to serve as a companion piece and showcase some of the modifications I have done to improve my beds. You can see the original post by clicking HERE. […]

Aqua Cone Review

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I have talked about Aqua Cones before and I’m a big fan.  Basically, it is a simple drip irrigation system that works on a single plant.  I find it to be particularly helpful with watering the big garden waterhogs like tomatoes as well as in helping out first year fruit trees and bushes. The design […]

Winter Homestead Projects

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If you are like me, you find yourself climbing the walls in the winter for lack of things to do. It can be frustrating. The ground is too cold to dig, but you want to do something constructive on the homestead. So, I decided to just sit down real quick and make a list of […]

Making a Coldframe

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For most of my beds I just mulched them with leaves, but I decided to turn one of my 2 x 8 foot beds into a coldframe.  I tried to keep things as cheap, semi-permanent as possible and of course it was all DIY work.Next year, I’ll try for something more permanent, but this year […]

Easy Jalapeno Popper Recipe

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Last night I made jalapeño poppers on a whim with jalapeños from my garden. They were delicious and could not be easier. I will preface this by saying that fresh green jalapeños are much sweeter then ones left to turn red, which become very hot. Not that this is bad.  It is just an observation. […]

Bushes to bed

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Recently I was looking in my backyard trying to decide where to put the next bed.  There was this one spot that was perfect, but… there were already no less than 6 bushes crammed into that spot.  The more I thought about it though it really was the perfect spot.  The bushes in question were […]