DIY: Easy Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe

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DIY: Easy Homemade Blackberry Jam Recipe Ingredients: 5 Cups of Blackberries 7 Cups of Sugar 1 (1 3/4 ounce) pack of dry Pectin                                             Directions: 1) After carefully measuring out the blackberries, pour them […]

DIY: Curing Garlic

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This is the second part in a multi-part series on Garlic. Part one was about Harvesting Garlic. This part (part 2) is all about curing garlic. The third part will cover some different ways one can store garlic. Curing Garlic is even easier than harvesting it, but it does require a little patience.  The first […]

DIY: Making Pectin

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Pectin is a naturally occurring extract made by boiling apples. It is also the thing you add to jelly or jam to make it gel, otherwise you are just left with a fruity liquid. If you make your own jelly and jam then you probably go through a lot of pectin. If you are buying […]

Easy Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

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My wife got me some apples from the local orchard so, I decided to make apple sauce in the crockpot.  It was really easy and I though I would share the recipe.  I actually have a really big crockpot and did double the ingredients below, but I figured not everyone would have that.  I was […]

New Affiliate: Safecastle Royal

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We are very pleased to announce a new affiliate, Safecastle Royal! Safecastle is an excellent resource for the modern homesteader, prepper and/or survivalist.  Not only do they have awesome deals on a large variety of long term storage food, but they also have shelters, trailers, solar panels, battery backups, knives, camping gear, emergency gear and […]

Mint Syrup

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One of my favorite plants to grow (probably because it is so easy) is Mint.  Many people curse mint, saying it takes over the garden and such.  Well, you can’t hate a plant for being successful. Personally, I enjoy not having to “work” for it.  The only stipulation is, one must find things to do […]

Chicken Stock

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Last night, I made 2 quarts of chicken stock and it was super easy.  I just put the chicken carcass in the pot, cut up some carrots, celery and onions, added salt & pepper. Brought it to a boil and then simmered for a little over 4 hours.  Super easy, nutritious and delicious. 😉 Chicken […]