Website of the Week: Mother Earth News

The Website of the Week for this week is Mother Earth News. However, Mother Earth News is much more than just a website, they are the longest running magazine focused on sustainable living (running for over 35 years) and also over an excellent free E-Newsletter. I really can not say enough good things about Mother […]

Website of the Week:

To keep with the theme I have been using lately, the website of the week for this week is Incorporated. Like the other coupon websites I listed previously (all of which can be found by using the blog search feature, keyword “coupon”) this site is also 100% FREE. It is free because they are […]

Website of the week: Totally Free Crap

The website of the week this week is Totally Free Crap. This website is along the same lines as the website of the week last week, Shop4Freebies. Basically, it is a site set up to list exactly what the name suggests, you get free stuff with no strings attached. Most of the things one can […]

Website of the week: Shop4freebies

The website of the week this week is Shop4freebies. This is a great website that does just what the name suggests, it gives you FREE stuff. It doesn’t get much better than that. Basically, it links to lots of other company’s websites and pulls promotional coupons, samples and other ways to get other free items […]

Website of The Week: HostGator

The website of the week, this week is HostGator. I have had a lot of people tell me they wanted to start a blog or website, but weren’t sure who to host it with. Enter: HostGator. That is who I use. I have worked with several other hosting companies, but nobody comes close to HostGator. […]

Website of the Week: Organic Authority

Website of the Week: Organic Authority

The website of the week this week is Organic Authority. Their tagline is simply, “organic food, organic living” which is very fitting as they cover everything one can think of that is organic, but do it in a simple, easy to grasp way. Organic Authority is made up of […]

Website of the Week:

The Website of the Week for this week is Woot.Com. It is one of the best websites out there for online shopping. Their tag line is, “One Day, One Deal.” And they do just that. Every day, they sell one thing and only one thing at a really discounted price until that item runs out […]

Website of the Week:


The website of the week for this week is, There are many places online and offline which one can find seeds to buy or swap with others. However, is the only free one I know of. Johhny Max and The Queen, hosts of the Self-Sufficient Homestead Show, are nice enough to […]

Website of the Week: Red Worm Composting

Red Worm Composting

This week I wanted to highlight Red Worm Composting as our website of the week. Worm composting, also called vermacomposting, is a form of composting that specifically uses worms to break down materials into soil. Whereas, normal composting mainly relies on microbes to do the work.

Red Worm Composting is the best […]

Website of the week: Instructables

Website of the week: Instructables

I recently found this week’s website of the week, Instructables and fell in love. It is the best “how to”/”Do It Yourself” website I have ever encountered and best of all… it’s FREE! The site first began at MIT as a way for students to share ideas and work together. […]